AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XML
B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Customer
BIBusiness Intelligence
CPMPerformance Management
CSSCustomer Service and Support
CTIComputer Telephony Integration
EMAEnterprise Marketing Automation
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ETLExtraction Transformation Load
FAQFrekvently Asked Questions
FIFOFirst In First Out
FMCGFast Moving Consumer Goods
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
IDCInternational Data Corporation
IS/ITInformation System/Information Technology
ITInformation Technology
KMKnowledge Management
LANLocal Area Network
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter
MRPMaterials Requirements Planning
ODBCOpen DataBase Connectivity
OLAPOn Line Analytical Processing
OLEObject linking and Embedding
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDFPortable Document Format
RDARemote Data Access
ROIReturn On Investment
SaaSSoftware jako služba
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SMBStřední a malé podniky
SMSShort Message Systems
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SQLStructured Query Language
TAPITelephony Application Program Interface
UMPCUltra Mobile PC
UNCUniversal Naming Convention
URLUniform Resource Locators
VTLVirtual Tape Library (typically for backup and recovery purposes)
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XSLeXtensible Stylesheet Language

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